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2019/1 Reminder on May Notifications of Companies with Foreign Capital Operating in Turkey


Pursuant to "Law on Direct Foreign Investment" numbered 4875 companies and branches with foreign capital that operate in Turkey, were obliged to physically deliver; by hand or by mail, the Annex-1 Activity Information Form for Foreign Direct Investments to Directorate General of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Investment before the end of May.

The Regulation Amending the Regulation for Implementation of Foreign Direct Investment Law which was published in Official Gazette dated 1 June 2018 numbered 30348 stipulates that the abovementioned notification shall be made through the E-TUYS system.


What is the scope of the Notification?

The form to be filled through the E-TUYS system includes questions on employment data, profit transfers, foreign trade data, statement of income and balance sheet of the companies and branches with foreign capital.

It should be noted that the Activity Information Form should be filled in accordance with the information of the previous year. For example; 2019 May notification should be arranged in reference to the activities of the financial year of 2018.

Details of the information to be filled in the Activity Information Form that is requested by the Directorate General of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Investment can be found below:

Employment Data Balance Sheet 
Number of National Employees Current Assets 
Number of Foreign Employees Fixed Assets 
Total Number of Employees Total Assets 
Profit Transfers Short Term Liabilities 
Transferred Amount Long Term Liabilities 
Equivalent in USD Paid up Capital 
Country of Transfer Capital Reserves 
Foreign Trade Data Profit Reserves 
Export (USD) Accumulated Profit 
İmport (USD) Accumulated Loss 
Statement Of İncome Net Profit for the Period 
Gross Sales Net Loss for the Period 
Profit And Loss For The Financial Year Total Liabilities 

Who will make the notification?

Person authorized by the company to enter to E-TUYS system shall complete the notification by using their E-signature.

Authorization requests are made to the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the necessary documents shall be delivered by mail.

After the completion of the notification process, the application number and the officer examining the application can be viewed.

In order to access to the system through E-Devlet, click on the link "Elektronik Teşvik Uygulama ve Yabancı Sermaye Bilgi (E-TUYS)" under the manual of Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Please contact us for further information. 

2019/1 Reminder on May Notifications of Companies with Foreign Capital Operating in Turkey​​