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2016/12 Due Date For Turkish Asset Amnesty Extended For Six Months

Turkish Government has published the Law Nr.6736 in the Official Gazette which was put in force on August 19, 2016.


Asset amnesty, covered by this Law, has enabled the taxpayers (both corporate and individual) bringing their assets abroad into Turkey without any taxation and without any inspection, assessment, investigation and prosecution.

The due date for the application for asset amnesty was December 31, 2016. The Council of Ministers have been authorized to extend the due date.

Today, Council of Ministers' Decree on the extension of due date for asset amnesty has been published. Based on the Decree, taxpayers can now apply for an asset amnesty until June 30, 2017 (including this date).

It is worthwhile to highlight once more that the taxpayers will not be questioned for the source of their assets and their accounts will not be subject to any taxation, inspection, investigation and prosecution as a merit of benefiting from the Tax Amnesty Law, which is an important opportunity for the taxpayers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding the above.

2016/12 Due Date For Turkish Asset Amnesty Extended For Six Months​​​